Real Estate Tech Trends to Expect in the Coming Months

Real estate may have remained firmly entrenched in decades-old practices until recently, but an expansive array of new tech trends is set to have a firm impact on the industry in the coming months. As the real estate industry works to adapt to the latest tech developments, buyers, sellers, investors, and real estate professionals will likely see a number of changes in the near future.

two computers, a keyboard, and ipad on a desk

Among the trends we are likely to see moving forward is an increased usage of 3D printed keys. As security has become an increasingly important topic, consumers are also concerned about convenience. The use of 3D printed keys offers both greater security and convenience by providing the opportunity to simply email keys and print them. For the moment, this new technology is still a trend, but it could very well become standard practice in many offices in the near future.

GPS is also having an impact on the real estate industry through the geotargeting of properties. With this service, real estate professionals are able to market directly to consumers. Retail chains have already successfully deployed the technology to notify consumers of special offers whenever the consumer is within the nearby vicinity of a location. In the real estate industry, agents can send alerts to buyers whenever they are within a pre-determined proximity of a listing that matches that buyer’s preferences.

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