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5 Places to Grab a Bite, Shop, and Catch the Great American Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, Americans will be treated to the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in almost 100 years. Brands across the country are getting in on the act with specials for the big day. We are also excited that the total eclipse will be passing over five of our properties.

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The North Face and Timberland Parent Company Purchases Dickie’s Scrubs

Looking to increase its presence in the workwear-apparel market, major clothing brand company VF Corp.announced earlier this week that it will purchase Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Co. in an $820 million cash deal. This announcement follows on the heels of other company-wide changes, mainly to release a group of luxury brands and a licensed sportswear company to focus its resources on career apparel — a $30 billion a year industry. CFO Scott Roe indicated the buyout marks another step in a series of changes the company has set in motion to improve its position within the market.

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Timberland Steps into Experiential Retail with Alternating Themes

Many retailers continue to experiment with in-store design by engaging customers in new ways on featured products. One of the latest companies to step into this realm is Timberland, which recently presented its Tree Lab concept at its King of Prussia store in Pennsylvania.

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Fast-Casual Dining on the Rise

Fast casual food dining continues to sweep the nation. Millennial palates are driving the demand, but people from all generations are waiting in lines to enjoy the convenience and variety of international and ethnic cuisine.

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4 Major Trends in Pet Food Retail

For many pet owners, proper care is a high priority. Family calendars now include spots for dog grooming, exercise, and regular visits to health and wellness clinics. Since pets are now seen as members of the household, retailers are witnessing trends in pet care that mirror that of humans. Most notable among is in the pet food industry, in which retailers like Natural Pawz are witnessing exceptional growth.

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Walgreens Exec Shares 5 Winning Customer Experience Strategies

Known for its motto, “at the corner of happy and healthy,” Walgreens not only talks the talk, but walks the walk with decades of exceptional customer service that continues to translate into high customer loyalty and company growth.

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Bluemercury Launches New Concept Aimed at Men

Beauty retailer Bluemercury, which offers an array of higher-end skincare products, makeup and spa services, is about to expand beyond its current 145-store count. 

Its latest venture takes the form of a new flagship store on New York's Sixth Avenue. Aimed to the male demographic, its goal is to make Bluemercury a household name — or as founder Barry Beck says, "a national brand and a household name, an iconic luxury brand."

From pioneering a new mens' facial, an artificial intelligence mirror, to offering concealers, bronzers, tinted moisturizers and beyond for today's man, the store is a response to "a big change going on" currently, according to Beck's research.

Courtesy of Blumercury
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HomeGoods Succeeds with Multichannel Marketing

Social media continues to extend retailers’ reach into the hearts and minds of consumers. Stores like HomeGoods are building a phenomenal following, not only through social media channels, but also by engaging with fan blogs and on websites. These actions are driving shoppers through their doors — in droves. With nearly 600 existing stores in 45 states and another 20 slated for 2017, HomeGoods provides a strong example of social media’s power to engage customers and improve the shopping experience overall.

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From 'For Lease' to Coffee Shop — in Four Months

In four exceptionally short months, one Oakland, CA couple went from imagining a side business to throwing themselves into the mix — and Snow White Coffee was born. Their trials and tribulations can be best summed up into five lessons they learned by digging in and rolling up their sleeves.

Photo Courtesy IDEO

"Neither my husband nor I have any experience running a coffee business. Had we known how hard it would be, we would have surely taken one look at the space and balked. Instead, we tore down walls, stood in line at the city building department, had our eyes opened wide, cried out in frustration, and in the process, learned a hell of a lot," said Kim Powers, co-owner, Snow White Coffee.

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