Target Revamps Stores To Attract Millennial Shoppers

With so much focus on e-Commerce today, brick-and-mortar strategies can fall through the cracks. But only 15% of consumers opt to shop exclusively online, according to a survey from Forrester and RetailNext. So even though e-Commerce sales are soaring, retailers should also continue to focus on improving the in-store experience.

refrigerator section inside of Target store

Creating a unique shopping experience in brick-and-mortar stores and figuring out ways to keep customers coming back is no easy feat. Identifying strengths and weaknesses is a great place to start. For example, even though Target experienced 34% e-Commerce growth and 1.9% growth of in-store sales in Q4 2015, the retailer recognized the need to improve aspects of the brick-and-mortar store experience.

With a focus on motivating shoppers to stay in-store longer and return to shop again, Target will be working on the following strategies:

  • Improving merchandising and supply chain efficiencies;
  • Updating its appeal to Millennials; and
  • Revamping store layout and design.

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