TGI Fridays unveils brand overhaul

TGI Fridays will open a reimaged restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas, Monday night that makes key changes to the casual-dining brand’s offerings, hours and identity, executives said Friday.


The reimaged restaurant, located in an area that skews high in Millennial customers, will offer mobile and reservations technology, multi-bar areas, expanded operating hours, grab-and-go offerings and a new area called Fridays Offsite to appeal to the coffee-shop crowd.

“It’s an ongoing innovation,” Robert Palleschi, who took the helm as TGI Fridays president and CEO in February, said in an interview Friday. “I like to say it’s a re-invention and, to a certain degree, a repositioning.”

The renovation of the 13-year-old, nearly 10,000-square-foot Corpus Christi location was aimed at creating “Fridays as a social place to be,” said Ricky Richardson, president of TGI Fridays USA, in an interview from the restaurant, which was originally converted from a China Coast restaurant.

“It’s going after occasions that are truly social at heart,” he said.

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