This is Why Retailers Must Invest In NFC Technology

The digital era has been in full swing now for some time. Yet, many companies still have yet to invest in the latest tech. Near-field-communication (NFC) is one such technology retailers ought to consider as part of their marketing campaign. This method can be used to redefine the customer experience by bridging the gap between technology and everyday consumer interaction.

hand holding smartphone next to credit card machine

Here are 4 reasons why retail stores must invest in NFC tech in 2016.


1. Provide Cross-Selling Opportunities

With a scan that takes under a second, promotional and other useful information can be downloaded into customers' smartphones. Content ideas may include:

• Specs for a new item during its product launch
• Demonstration video
• Recommendation of similar products

For chain retailers, NFC can also be used to download information about product availability. If one store is out of stock, then it can provide a list of other stores within the vicinity that has the item in inventory. This increases the likelihood of customers immediately going to the same retailer in another location rather than potentially shopping at a competing store for the same product.

2. Increase Social Media Engagement

For a double whammy effect, integrate NFC technology with social media.

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