1 Store, 1000 Times: Five Questions with Philz Coffee CEO Jacob Jaber

vintage looking image of a man sitting on a bench with a fedora on, holding a cup of coffee. there's a quote on the image that says "world cup. enjoy your cup of love."

Scaling retail businesses take a very special type of focus and leadership. Philz CEO Jacob Jaber shares what it’s taken for his company to grow beyond their local footprint.

Hunter Walk: When we spoke in January of last year, you said Philz was in the “people serving” business and you had 14 Philz locations. You’re still serving people with love (and great coffee) but have opened quite a few new stores since then. Update us on how many and what expansion plans are for 2016?

Jacob Jaber: It’s been a productive and exciting year.

This year, we will be opening 10 stores bringing us to a total of 30 stores in both NorCal and SoCal. Early next year we hope to do another dozen or so stores, a few of them being our first few stores on the east coast. We will be starting in a few lovely communities in Washington DC which is a great milestone for us. Our goal is 1 store 1000 times. More important than the actual message is the spirit of it. What it means is that we have large ambitions to grow and change the way the world drinks and thinks about coffee.

On the other hand, we care deeply about our people and quality is a priority for us not only to preserve what makes us special and different but also continue improving ourselves in every way possible. In other words we want to get better and bigger. This is something the team and I are very committed to. I’m confident we will execute because we care deeply and possess the necessary core competencies.

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