15 Must-Listen Podcasts on Entrepreneurship, Business, Retail

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Podcasts can be a valuable tool in growing your business, developing leadership skills, and implementing tech and digital strategies. Business owners need inspiration, too, and sometimes, in the midst of crunching numbers and interacting with people, they need to rethink, recharge, and revive to keep moving forward. Review Squirrel rated the following small business podcasts among their best. Scroll further down to find top podcasts for entrepreneurs, and further still for top retail podcasts. We thought it would be good for you to have them all in one place:

Authority Hacker Podcast features “actionable growth hacking techniques” with practical advice on building your website and online business.

Chris Ducker Podcast (@chrisducker) is best known for his expertise on innovation in outsourcing, finance, and digital marketing. (Chris is also known as the Youpreneur FM.)

Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast (@johnleedumas) often takes an interview approach to feature top business figures like Seth Godin and Tim Ferris sharing personal stories to inspire entrepreneurs.

Marketing Smarts Podcast in-depth interviews with “smart marketers from all walks of life” that result in actionable advice.

Metropolis Radio Podcast (@deborahshane) experienced successful podcaster Deborah Shane talks with authors, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and more with trend talk on small business resources, careers, social media, and marketing.

Mixergy Podcast interviews with business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and others. Latest podcasts include high-profile voices from Dang Foods, Nokero, Essio, SUMO, and Bluesmart.

Office Hours Podcast once a month interviews with entrepreneurs and authors by best-selling author Daniel Pink (@danielpink). This podcast focuses more on the “human side” of entrepreneurship.

Reboot Podcast is a bimonthly podcast led by Jerry Colonna (@jerrycolonna) “venture capitalist turned executive coach.” It focuses on the psychological aspect of business ownership.

But wait, there’s more!

Entrepreneur.com also offers a list of 24 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs. Here’s a few highlights to support and inspire your entrepreneur spirit, business financing, and social media strategies. Worth noting:  They, too, highly rate Mixergy, Youpreneur (a.k.a., Chris Drucker), and Entrepreneur on Fire.

The Tim Ferriss Show likely this one has shown up hundreds of “best of” lists since it has been popular enough to be the only podcast to surpass 100,000,000 downloads. Tim keys in on top performers across industries to offer practical advice for your business to take on now. His latest podcasts include “The Secrets, Tactics, and Creative Processes of High Performers and Achievers,” “Conquering Fear and Reducing Anxiety,” “The Real-Life Captain America and Bruce Banner (Seriously).”

Action Catalyst often appearing on Top 25 Business News Podcasts, this weekly podcast hosted by Rory Vaden, co-founder of Southwestern Consulting, focuses on ways to “increase your self-discipline and make better use of your time to help you achieve your goals in life.” Recent titles include “Finding your Life Purpose,” “How to Become a More Inspiring Person,” and “How to Immediately Get More Productivity out of Your Team.”

The Twenty Minute VC as the title suggests is short and to the point interviews with prominent VC investors.  Gaining perspective from actual investors will help businesses with pitch and planning.

Social Pros offer tips and techniques to make social media work for your business. The weekly podcast features social media statistics, case studies, and top performers’ advice. Recent podcasts include “Why Social Media Customer Service is a Marketing Opportunity” and “Learn These Lessons to Lead a Social Media Team.”

Then again, you might want to consider the following podcasts that were featured at this year’s Retail BIG Show:

Jason and Scot Show Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg of Razorfish, and Scot Wingo of Channel Advisor discuss latest news and trends in e-commerce and digital shopper marketing. Recent podcasts include “Selling on Amazon,” “ RetailDIVE Editor Jason Ankeny (interview),” and “Deloitte Chief Retail Innovation Officer, Kasey Lobaugh (interview).”

Total Retail Talks, designed for retail executives, offers discussions on innovation and interviews with practical advice from retail experts, influencers, and leaders. Recent podcasts include “Integrated Supply Chain Pays Off for Nebraska Furniture Mart” and “How Sustainable Products Will Change the Future of Retail.”

Retail Tech Podcast features news, trends, and interviews related to implementing retail tech, omni-channel retailing, and incorporating technology in new business strategies. Hosts Darius Vasefi (www.linkedin.com/in/vasefi) and Nathan Kolta interview founders, CEOs, experts, and product innovators.

Any that we’ve missed that are on your current rotation?
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