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Ways Technology is Enhancing In-Store Shopping

With mobile technology and evolving consumer expectations for convenience, flexibility, and personalization, some brick-and-mortar stores will need to redesign their approach and realign their priorities to reach today’s in-store shopper.

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What’s New in Experiential Design

Evoking feelings of comfort, familiarity, and confidence, experiential design in retail is staging a profound comeback. CEOs spanning the retail continuum concur that a more nuanced approach to experiential design will connect with shoppers on a new, welcoming plane. Reaching customers in the midst of their frantic, task-oriented lifestyle, is the challenge retailers face in today’s marketplace.

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Trends in Retail Payment Processing

Mobility and technology have drastically changed the retail landscape. No less affected is the area of processing payments. A once simplistic, personal exchange of money and goods between shop owner and neighborhood patron has become a complex series of digital processes that often involve very little human interaction. Today’s shop owners, midsize businesses, and major retailers are finding themselves somewhere along this spectrum.  

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How Grocery Retailers Can Appeal to Millennial Shoppers

Millennials, despite years of scrutiny, are growing up and becoming quite conscientious of more adult matters.  

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Market Watch: Etsy Studio to offer 200x products offered by typical craft supply stores

Etsy headlines have been peppering news feeds over the last few weeks for several reasons. Even in the face of last week’s 20% market share drop, Etsy is positioning itself to continue its overall march toward record sales in 2017. In February, Etsy announced the upcoming launch of Etsy Studio, an online marketplace for arts and crafts supplies.

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Regency Centers Announces The Field at Commonwealth

We are proud to announce a new ground-up development in Chantilly, Virginia. The Field at Commonwealth, will occupy nearly 180,000 square-feet of exceptional retail, anchored by a 120,000 square-foot Wegmans Food Market. Construction of the development has begun, with an estimated 2018 completion.

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Trend Alert: Shoppers Use Digital More Than Print

The days of standing in a grocery store l
ine waiting for the patient mother of three to finish sorting through her coupons she painstakingly gathered and clipped the night before, may be approaching extinction. Last year, digital couponing for the first time ever surpassed the use of print coupons. As retailers search for ways to gain new customers and increase sales through current and newshoppers, they must set their sights to the changing world of coupons and discount shopping.

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4 Takeaways from Apple Stores for Retailers to Improve Sales

The old adage “the customer is always right” may challenge today’s marketplace, but Apple Stores certainly prove that, right or wrong, the customer must be treated well and with a memorable experience. In fact, as Forbes reports, “The Apple Store customer experience helps drive jaw-dropping in-store sales of nearly $5,000 per square foot,” a benchmark previously achieved only by luxury retailers like Tiffany.
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3 Reasons Why January ‘17 Retail Sales Sizzled

It’s official. While many states throughout the U.S. were experiencing above average temps in the middle of winter, the temperature of retail sales in January 2017 was downright sizzling!  

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