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See How Self-Ordering Kiosks are Changing the Retail Experience

In today’s Digital Age where instant gratification is king, retailers big and small are constantly rolling out new and improved ways to make the customer check-out process faster and more efficient. The latest and greatest? Self-ordering kiosks.

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Mobile Order-Ahead: See Who's Revolutionizing the Coffee Shop Experience

As a successful contender in the caffeinated world for the past 54 years, it’s safe to say that California-based coffee chain The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf — with more than 1,200 locations worldwide — is adept in the coffee business. In addition to its strong focus on roasting and pouring quality products, it is also successfully keeping up with industry trends in order to stay above the fold and reach a variety of consumers. How? Most recently, through the implementation of the mobile order-ahead function.

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Check Out LA's Newest Hip and Health-Conscious Convenience Store

With modern-day grocery store options ranging from Trader Joe’s to Whole Foods and everything in-between, there seems to be a shopping experience – and product inventory – for every taste and palate under the sun. So what about a healthy variety of smaller-scale convenience stores? PR veteran Rachel Krupa wondered the same, so she created The Goods Mart: a sleek, healthy and community-focused quick-stop shop.

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Learn How Retail Brands are Competing for Shoppers' Habits

The challenges and triumphs in the ever-changing world of traditional retail have recently been re-analyzed can be found – for the seventh year in a row – via the annual PwC consumer insights survey. Conducted in late 2017, the most recent survey represents more than 22,000 respondents in 27 territories. It paints a vivid picture of retail patrons and their various shopping habits across a variety of ages, genders and geographical locations.

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See How Beauty Brands Use Their Employees as Influencers

It’s no secret that as the world of digital and social media continues to evolve, so do the expectations and values of consumers. In particular, today’s fashion and beauty shoppers expect far more than a quality product, and are increasingly likely to purchase products associated with brands and campaigns that are inclusive, diverse and authentic. With this in mind, more and more companies are turning to their very own employees as models and spokespersons, and in turn creating a more authentic approach to advertising.

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First Wegmans in North Carolina to Join Midtown East Development

Grocer Wegmans will anchor new Raleigh development Midtown East. The 173,936 SF center is scheduled to open in 2019, and Wegmans will occupy 120,000 SF. Midtown East is located at the intersection of Wake Forest Road and Wake Towne Road.

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Learn How REI is Raising the Bar on Sustainability Standards

As a well-known retailer who has built its foundation and upstanding reputation on the values of wellness, fitness and the great outdoors, it only makes sense that eco-friendliness would be at the forefront of REI’s brand vision. As it turns out, the co-op has been quietly yet meticulously compiling an updated set of sustainability standards for the past two years, covering issues from chemical uses to animal welfare and beyond.

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Earth Day 2018 - Sustainability Stories

In celebration of Earth Day and Earth Month, we're proud to share with you some of our favorite sustainability stories since the last Earth Day.

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Learn about Nordstrom's Newest Manhattan-Based Location

Just because Nordstrom has remained one of the leading upscale American department stores for over a century, doesn’t mean they won’t continue to reach new levels to stay above the fold. Enter their newest release: a Manhattan-based mecca for custom products, convenience and cocktails.

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Chipotle Making Strides Toward a Sustainable Future

In an effort to contribute to a more sustainable future and in partnership with RiverRoad Waste Solutions, Chipotle Mexican Grill has set a goal to divert half of its restaurant waste from landfills by 2020.

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See Who Ranks in Top 50 'Valuable Apparel Brands' of 2018

Claiming the top spot yet again on Brand Finance’s Top 50 list for brand value worldwide, athletic enterprise Nike (currently valued at $2.8 billion) beat out its major competitor, Adidas ($1.4 billion), who took the fourth spot behind fast fashion retailers H&M ($1.8 billion) and Zara ($1.7 billion.) While the number one spot doesn’t exactly come as a shock, it’s a victorious undertaking after a particularly tough year, specifically facing some unprecedented setbacks in the North American teenage market.

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The Rise of the "Theyby" and How it Ties Into Retail

In today’s Western society, where gender identity stereotypes are becoming increasingly frowned upon, the “shock factor” related to gender fluidity and its many nuances seems to be on a steady decline. But for even the most progressive of thinkers, the latest buzzword in parenting might pose a conundrum. According to The Cut, the upbringing of the “theyby” — also known as a baby born and raised free of the constraints of gender designation — is on the rise.

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