4 Ways to Create An Intentional Thanksgiving

Post-it note with "Thank you!" and a smiley face written on it.

While gathering around the table, spending time with friends and family, Americans are reminded this Thanksgiving to count their blessings. How many of us realize, however, that this simple act can usher in a host of health benefits as well? For many people, intentional living with a sense of gratitude is easier said than done. With the bustle of the season added to a year-long bombardment of social apps, marginless schedules, and daily responsibilities, finding time and energy to count your blessings can be a difficult task.

Some strategies work better than others work, but consider the following to change your life from mundane and tiresome to grateful and alive. Buy something — not gadgets and extravagances, but experiences like concert tickets or a vacation. Write a letter. Research indicates people who write letters of gratitude report significantly better mental health. Choose the right words when expressing gratitude towards others, and whatever you do toward having a grateful life, don't feel weird about it. Remember, people’s response to gratitude is almost universally positive so don’t hold back despite any initial feeling of awkwardness. Read more here.

Photo Credit: Time


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