Beacons Vs. Wi-Fi, the In-Store Marketing Debate

image of a blue smart beacon connecting to a cell phone to send an ad for 50% off shoes

Just as there’s been a never-ending discussion between apps vs. mobile websites, there now may be a similar debate between beacons vs. Wi-Fi for in-store marketing.

While beacons have taken mindshare and budgets, their use is still somewhat limited, notes a new report.

Wi-Fi indoor location application revenue is expected to hit $2.5 billion by 2020, according the report by ABI Research.

While the research firm says Wi-Fi is in a precarious position as an indoor location and analytics tool, it still may have an edge.

This is because Wi-Fi is ubiquitous on smartphones and available in more than half of major retail stores in the U.S., giving it massive reach and an edge over beacons for in-store analytics.

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