The Fresh Market Opens at Brighten Park

On July 8, 2015, The Fresh Market at Regency Centers' newly renovated Brighten Park opened its doors. Regency's Andre Kolezsar, Vice President and Regional Officer, participated in the grand re-opening ceremony where he spoke about the store, the transformation and the surrounding community.

Andre Kolezsar black and white headshot image"It was a pleasure speaking at the grand re-opening of Brighten Park and kicking-off this endeavor with The Fresh Market. When Regency Centers rebranded the center, we knew it needed something that was a more accurate reflection of the great communities that surrounded it. The City of Brookhaven—specifically councilman Joe Gebbia and recently elected Mayor Williams—were instrumental in making this vision a reality."

"The Fresh Market was also crucial in bringing about this transformation to the updated center and its merchandising mix. I can’t thank the merchants of this center enough for bearing with us through this process to bring a new spark to this great site; they are the most important part of our business. We are proud to welcome The Fresh Market to Brighten Park, and its further expansion as a member of the Regency family."

Brighten Park (previously Loehmann's Plaza) is a 137,812 sq. ft. shopping center located in Atlanta, GA and is currently undergoing a substantial renovation. Below is a brief slideshow of images taken during the grand re-opening event. For center updates, follow Brighten Park on Facebook.

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