How 3D Printing Is Changing CRE Construction Practices

By now youve likely heard about 3D printing and tales of how it can manufacture seemingly everything from guns to livers and ears, but do you really know what it is and how it will impact commercial real estate and construction practices?

3D printing has little to do with a normal everyday printer and more to do with a sophisticated machine that turns digital data into objects made of almost any material imaginable. The technology stands to change many industries and is big news for real estate construction.

Hammer lying down on scrap wood.

Benefits of 3D printing

One reason its big news is because the technology largely eliminates construction-site waste, the need for massive storage centers and transportation costs. Instead of having warehouses full of different sized materials that are trucked out to various build sites where they are then resized to fit the exact need, 3D printers print the precise piece needed on siteraw materials are the only thing required.

This translates into 50-70% quicker construction, the near elimination of construction waste and 50-80% less spent on labor costs, according to WinSun, the Chinese firm behind the worlds first 3D printed apartment building.

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