Farm-to-Table Fresh: Merchandising at Flower Child

With a motto like ‘healthy food for a happy world’ and dedicated yoga mat ‘parking’ spots, Boulder’s Flower Child offers a dining experience sure to radiate joy.

The 3,380 SF farm-to-table quick service restaurant opened in Boulder's Alcove on Arapahoe in late August, and is a concept by Phoenix-based chef Sam Fox. From rose petal lemonade to heirloom tomato toast and curried cauliflower, Flower Child’s menu is crafted with an emphasis on nutrient-rich ingredients, and the chefs are mindful to work with guests’ dietary restrictions.

Flower Child food storefront Photo by Lucy Beaugard | Flower Child

Flower Child has been very well received in Boulder because of its diverse, made-from-scratch menu that has something for everyone – vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free and paleo options abound,” said Tom Metzgar, Regency Centers Senior Project Manager. “My wife, Pam, and I live near Boulder and are frequent customers. Everyone we know around Boulder has discovered Flower Child and loves it!

collage of steak and avocado bowl, mural of a floral girl silhouette, and bright pink iced drinkPhotos by Lucy Beaugard | Flower Child

The interior space features a warm, inviting mix of painted brick, wood, copper elements and vibrant wall murals including one with a literal child's silhouette filled with colorful painted flowers. Natural light streams through large windows nearby. Glass jars with fresh flowers adorn the tables. There are dedicated 'parking' spots for diners' yoga mats. A spacious, connected dog-friendly outdoor patio is an alternative choice to dining inside.

Inside of Flower ChildPhoto by Lucy Beaugard | Flower Child

Tricia Freeeman Headshot“Flower Child has activated a key end cap in our remerchandising strategy at Alcove on Arapahoe,” said Tricia Freeman, Senior Leasing Agent. “It is a naturally savvy restaurateur that takes pride in the details and in its community. Flower Child's dynamic atmosphere inspires you, and the food is both creative and craveworthy. This vibrant concept has been embraced by local residents and has brought synergy to the overall merchandising mix at the center.“

mural on exterior of Flower ChildPatio area for Flower ChildPhotos by Lucy Beaugard | Flower Child

To follow Flower Child on social media, click here. For a full Alcove on Arapahoe center site plan, click here.