Seven Tools for Increased Productivity Heading Into 2019

Amidst this season of New Year’s reflections and resolutions — particularly in a society that’s constantly on-the-go — it’s no secret that increased levels of productivity are high on many to-do lists, especially around this time of year. Along with its dedicated podcast that tackles workplace productivity, Fast Company recently rolled out a helpful list of seven tools to make the most out of our workdays, from apps, to books, and even alarm clocks that help boost daily productivity within life’s hustle and bustle.

Fast Company's tools including appsFor those whose resolutions include better sleep, apps like Calm offer guided meditation practices as well as videos that help stretch and prepare us for a good night’s sleep ahead. And for those who might not struggle to get to get to sleep but actually have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, the Wake-Up Light Alarm Block by Philips changes color and intensity along with playing music to help with alertness and preparedness for productive days ahead.

When it comes to resourceful ways to organize our daily workloads, CircleUp compiles convenient daily meeting summaries, including links prompting customizable template emails addressed to colleagues. Similarly, the Things app includes unique features that link with other devices and help with goal setting. As we set our sights on sticking with our resolutions, this list of tools is certainly one worth checking out.

Learn more about these timely productivity-boosting tools here.

Photo credit: Fast Company