Out of Office: A Q&A with a Regency Westward Travel Trio

Craig Myers, Business Intelligence Architect, Jonathan Elsner, Senior Application Architect, and Heather Diggs, Leasing Paralegal, recently went west — together — for summer vacation. Coincidentally Diggs' best friend is Elsner's wife, and Craig and Jonathan and their wives are also friends outside of work. Each of their trips intertwined along the way, and lasting memories were made.

CampingL to R: Ava Grace, Addi and Audrey and Jonathan Elsner with mom, Megan, along with Heather (center, black shirt) and Ryan Diggs with kids, Lauren (center, blue jacket) and Logan (far right)

RC: Where did each of you go? What was your favorite part about the trip? 
CM: We took a bus tour that started in Denver and ended in Vegas. Places we hit along the way included Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park and Grand Canyon National Park.
JE: We did Beatty, NV; Death Valley, CA; Lake Isabella, CA; Yosemite Park, CA – this was my favorite part, specifically the “Mist Trail” and climbing rocks, plus seeing bears;
Lone Pine, CA and Las Vegas, NV.
HD: My family went to Zion National Park, UT; Bryce Canyon, UT; Grand Canyon, AZ; Las Vegas; Mammoth Lakes, CA; and finally Yosemite, CA, where we met up with the Elsners. That was our favorite part of the trip and we planned it that way —we knew the kids especially would see that as the highlight of the trip.

RC: Where, or at what point, did you meet up on the trip?
HD: We met up at Yosemite, and it ended up being the perfect place to spend time together. The park was crowded during the day, unlike the others we had been to, so it gave us an excuse to get out earlier in the day and later in the evening, which ended up being the best time to do hikes and see animals. We did things with the Elsners that we probably wouldn’t have done on our own, like a hike in the dark to see the climbers on El Capitan and picnic dinners by the water while the kids played.
CM: We met the Elsners at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas — quite a different sight than the national parks!

MyersElsnersCraig Myers, Jonathan Elsner, Megan Elsner and Becky Myers in Las Vegas

RC: What trip are each of you/your families eyeing next?
CM: The Myers’ are planning a trip to Hawaii next year, but before that I think we’ll go to Busch Gardens with the Elsner family — probably before the holidays. The kids love roller coasters, and there are quite a few we haven’t experienced yet at BG.
JE: I am taking suggestions but some ideas are Costa Rica or Acadia in Maine.
HD: Good question — we’re waiting on the official invite from the Elsners to go up to the mountains with them this fall. We have also been throwing around the idea of going snow skiing for spring break. My kids just saw snow for the first time — on this trip, in Mammoth Lakes — and they loved it so we’re thinking something along those lines.

MyersGrandCanyonThe Myers (Matthew, Craig, Sam, Becky) at Goosenecks State Park in Utah