Let’s face it: a proper tailgate party isn’t complete without the food! From sandwiches and sweet treats to chips & dips and mac and cheese, we can always depend on game day grub to bring us together — no matter which team we’re rooting for.

To join in on the Tailgate Takeout fun, Regency Centers team members around the nation are gearing up for the Battle of the Tailgate treats, a bracket-based competition between various markets to create the perfect game day recipes, inspired by items that each market is known for.

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Week 1: Wings

Denver vs. Houston

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Image of winning week 2 disk from Boca Raton

Week 2: Side/Salads

Tampa vs. Boca Raton

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Week3-Winner-Cocktails-Los Angeles

Week 3: Cocktails

Los Angeles vs. Miami

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Week 4 Cincinnati office winner image

Week 4: Chili

Cincinnati vs. Chicago

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Week 5: Meatballs

Raleigh vs. San Diego

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Week 6: Dips and Salsa

Potrero vs. Walnut Creek

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Week 7: Grill Masters

Jacksonville vs. Dallas

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Week 8: Sweet Treats

Seattle vs. Portland

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Week 9: Mac 'N Cheese

Connecticut vs. Atlanta

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Week 10: Sandwiches

Philadelphia vs. Washington, D.C.

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