Faith Hershey and Gabriel Gonzalez Make Duke Long 'Top 100' CRE Twitter List

Social media platform Twitter provides a communication outlet that is founded on brevity, but insightful conversations and connections occur as knowledge is easily shared in 280 characters or less.

two phones with twitter accounts for Gabriel Gonzalez and Faith Hershey on the screen

Two Regency Centers team members were named to Duke Long's 2019 'Top 100 People You Must Follow on Twitter' list: at #35 and #96, respectively, are Faith Hershey, Assistant Marketing Manager in Jacksonville, and Gabriel Gonzalez, Senior Leasing Agent in Miami. Their Twitter handles are @faith_hersh and @Gabriel_CREnerd.

Long, an industry veteran, is known for his timely commercial real estate blog and podcast. His reputation is built on providing years of CRE thought leadership and insights to an engaged audience of CRE professionals. He's been called the "most quotable person in real estate" and, in his own words, is known for "not having much of a filter."

Faith Hershey headshotA big reason why I got on Twitter was to keep learning and stay involved with what is happening in the industry  — even just reading and being involved in conversations is helpful," said Faith Hershey, Assistant Marketing Manager. "Twitter makes it easy to see what is happening across the globe. Since joining, I’ve reached other CRE professionals and built relationships with them that began on the virtual platform and grew beyond.

In May, Hershey, along with Gonzalez, joined others in the industry who are active on Twitter at an annual 'Let's Get Social' networking meetup. 'Let's Get Social' is hosted around ICSC RECon in Las Vegas to bring together professionals who aren't typically in the same markets, providing an opportunity to meet in real life regardless of their discipline — including leasing, marketing, research, etc.

Gabriel Gonzalez headshotIt is totally rad and an honor to be include on Duke Long’s famous list of people to follow on Twitter," said Gabriel Gonzalez, Senior Leasing Agent. "Social media has been a great way to not only keep up with retail and restaurant trends and news, but an awesome way to build relationships. As the world continues to push into further digital adoption it’s the people who build brands and connections everywhere today that will have the foundations in place to leverage their following to win big tomorrow.

Lets Get Social 2019 promotional posterHershey (center in white shirt) and Gonzalez (center right in white shirt and grey pants) at 'Let's Get Social' in Las Vegas