Inaugural Regency Accounting Internship Program a Success

This fall, Regency Centers conducted its first Accounting Internship Program. In partnership with the University of North Florida, the 20 hour per week program was created to expose accounting students to the various roles and responsibilities commonly available and in-demand within a corporate career path in the real estate industry. After 14 applicants and nine interviewees, Regency selected four interns for the job: Cory Adams, Preston Halla, Jasmin Maruca and Phinehas Livingston.


The internship provided a well-rounded experience in which students could apply what they’ve learned in school to the various roles in accounting while getting timely feedback about their work, and developing a professional network. A typical day for the interns included a rotation of corporate accounting, external reporting, internal audit, real estate accounting and tax.


Phinehas J LivingstoneI really enjoyed the accounting internship at Regency  Centers," said Phinehas Livingstone, Accounting Intern. "I'm so grateful I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to real world situations. The thing I'll miss most about Regency is the people. Everyone I came in contact with was so kind, professional, and willing to teach me with patience. I truly appreciate their career advice, and the feedback I received from everyone in the program.


In addition to daily rotations, the experience also included opportunities to learn about business development, develop technical skills, take professional headshots, build LinkedIn profiles and attend two off-site networking events at Haskell and Stein Mart. The internship term ended with a graduation ceremony including a certificate of completion, a few kind words, and some tasty appetizers and refreshments.


DSC02731-3It was a joy to oversee the Accounting Internship Program and work with our four wonderful interns," said Joanne Mondares, Director, SEC Reporting and Policies. "The semester included a host of learning opportunities and networking experiences for our interns, and we look forward to seeing the program grow and evolve in the future.