How Kiosks Are Changing the Game for KFC, Taco Bell and Others

With the rise of digital innovations when it comes to the shopping experience, today’s “eTailers” are equipped with a wealth of customer information — from age and gender, to sometimes even emotion. As such, merchants everywhere are following suit and jumping on the bandwagon — and ditching their cash registers for kiosks and other unattended, self-service retail technologies. As it turns out, 64% of Canadian consumers report that these self-service technologies improve their in-store experience, and 25% would not mind deliveries via autonomous vehicles, according to

3 KFC mobile kiosks on a bright red backgroundKiosks in particular are taking the retail world by storm, and Kentucky Fried Chicken is taking note, with 5,000 locations set to adopt kiosks by 2020. “We are continuing to make it easier for our customers to enjoy original recipe through the continued rollout of click and collect kiosks and delivery,” said David Gibbs, Yum Brands President and Chief Operating Officer, according to PYMNTS. “Our goal is to have 5,000 restaurants with kiosks and over 70 percent of our restaurants offering delivery by 2020.”

Taco Bell, another eatery under the Yum Brand umbrella, is also modernizing its restaurants with the implementation of kiosks to provide an elevated, digital experience for its diners. Customers can now view the menu and customize their choices and dietary preferences to their liking. From KFC to Taco Bell and beyond, these unattended retail spaces are taking experiential retail to a new level, and changing the game for the age of retail.

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Photo credit: Ribot