See How Self-Ordering Kiosks are Changing the Retail Experience

In today’s Digital Age where instant gratification is king, retailers big and small are constantly rolling out new and improved ways to make the customer check-out process faster and more efficient. The latest and greatest? Self-ordering kiosks.

Row of blue kiosks inside of an airport. Wendys, for example, announced the implementation of roughly 1,000 self-ordering kiosks across their retail locations in 2017. According to PYMTS Unattended Retail Tracker, “Merchants from QSRs to large eCommerce retailers are turning to technology such as digital kiosks to drive their stories. If they don’t, they risk losing business to competitors that embrace the technology.” While the utilization of tech-savvy kiosks seems targeted to millennials, Tillster research shows that customer groups of various ages are following suit.

Similar to the convenience of self-serve kiosks is The Cargo Box: a vending machine inside rideshares that has been optimized for consumers and drivers alike to interact seamlessly. By scanning a QR code or utilizing a web interface, customers can order and pay for the snack or beverage of their choice easily – all without having to interact with the driver.

While over-the-counter services will continue to exist, the use of digital and smart ordering services will continue to become increasingly more commonplace, with a projected industry value of $1 billion by 2021. Learn more here.

Photo credit: Shutterstock/PYMNTS