National Doughnut Day 2016

Today marks one of the most highly anticipated unique holidays in America, National Doughnut Day! This beautiful fried dessert dates back to the late 1800s where it was disputed who was the first to invent the doughnut, the Dutch or the Americans. Either way, our taste buds are thrilled it happened.

This blog is devoted to the Regency Centers retailers celebrating this holiday.

Regency History: Regency’s doughnut tradition started more than 25 years ago in Jacksonville, FL, when former CFO Bruce Johnson brought a dozen doughnuts in every Friday to say thank you to the staff. The tradition has continued and every Friday, executives Lisa Palmer and Patrick Johnson delight the office with a little TGIF cheer by placing two-dozen doughnuts out for all to enjoy.

Regency Fact: It is always a surprise what doughnuts will be offered on Fridays. Today  Regency enjoyed Dunkin’ Donuts. There are more than a baker’s dozen in Regency’s portfolio, stretching along the east coast from Florida to the Northeast.

Lisa Palmer headshotI was proud to be passed the doughnut tradition torch once Bruce retired from Regency,” said Lisa Palmer, President and Chief Financial Officer. "We are defined by our people and having a best-in-class portfolio. This tradition has provided a way to combine the two, thanking our employees for their hardwork by offering treats from our retailers.

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