How Pop-Up Events Can Supplement Your Retail Strategy

young woman shopping in store looking at rack of clothing

The online retail industry’s fascination with the pop-up continues as we enter a new era of “clicks and mortar” pioneered by big ecommerce players like Amazon, Warby Parker, and Blue Apron. Pop-up events are a powerful retail marketing tactic, and as a strategy, they work for brands of all shapes and sizes.

Diversify with a new revenue stream

If you’re an ecommerce merchant, you might be getting itchy feet. You want to build on your success, and the natural step is to take your product out onto the high street. A pop-up shop provides everything you’d get with a brick-and-mortar store, but without the commitment or cost.

Pop-ups aren’t only for online retailers. If your physical store has gone from strength to strength, you might be looking to expand your operation. A pop-up is perfect for testing a new location without the financial commitment.

Seasonal stores for steady profits

From Christmas sweaters to festival gear, there are a lot of businesses where sales only really peak during certain seasons. Why not maximize your seasonal sales by running a pop-up? You can take advantage of in-store shoppers to sell your goods, and then temporarily close or move online in the off season.

Engage with customers face-to-face

Whatever business you run, you know the importance of engaging with your customers face-to-face. While online shopping provides a quick, easy way to buy products, consumers rarely get to try before they by. With a pop-up, your customer can walk in and experience your product in the flesh, a sure-fire way to reel in prospective buyers.

And pop-ups can boost sales for brick-and-mortar operations. If you’re debuting a new product and want to create buzz around it, a temporary store makes for the perfect stage for its debut.

Boost your brand awareness

It can be a struggle to get your brand seen amidst the sea of retailers out there, but a pop-up in the right area will get you seen by a whole segment of new customers.

Hutch LA, a Shopify ecommerce store, created huge buzz for their brand with a one-day pop-up in Los Angeles. They brought in bands, artists, and a t-shirt printing crew, and created an unforgettable experience for their customers.


LA.IMG.Pop-upPhoto courtesy of Hutch LA

Good brand awareness will last long after your pop-up store has closed, and you’ll feel the benefits in your engagement and sales figures.

Educate and engage new customers

If you’re selling a product that’s a little more niche than your usual high street fare, then you might struggle to see those sales. Bringing it to the street is a great way to provide demonstrations and free samples of a new product. Letting customers try it for themselves creates a desire for something, especially when conducted in an exciting and dynamic way.

Running a pop-up store can be challenging, but it’s an exciting chance to ramp up your retail strategy. Whether you’re a seasonal store, an ecommerce venture or you just want to boost your brand awareness, a pop-up store might just be the right move for your business.

 Top photo courtesy of Burst