Regency Sponsors girls inc. 'Women of Vision' Celebration Luncheon

A packed room broke into applause on numerous occasions while honoring the many achievements of local Jacksonville girls and women at girls inc.'s 4th Annual Women of Vision Celebration Luncheon March 5. This year's event, partially sponsored by Regency Centers, featured a 'Reach for the Stars' theme and elementary, middle and high school students enrolled in girls inc.'s programs sang, danced and spoke on stage.


Kirrin Winning HeadshotThe recent luncheon was a fantastic opportunity to see how Regency Centers' support for girls inc. through our philanthropic program has touched the lives of people in need, and helped lead them to brighter futures,” said Kirrin Winning, Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility. “Regency Centers is invested in the communities where we operate and live.

From a standout keynote speech delivered by Commander Kim M. DaCosta-Azar of the United States Navy to a mother-daughter duo, Latonia and Taylor Richardson, earning the 2020 'Champion for Girls' award, a packed room of community members — including a table full of Regency Centers' Jacksonville team — relished in the persistence, positive attitudes and perseverance of the girls.

RegencyAtGirlsIncRegency's Nancy O'Steen, Caron Streibich, Kirrin Winning, Anna Mosley, Jen Holdman were in attendance

Perhaps the most impressive and commendable was 16-year-old Taylor Richardson winning 'Champion for Girls Award' and her list of accolades. Taylor has raised more than $200,000 herself through crowdfunding — and even received a special congratulatory video from the founder of GoFundMe founder — for girls across the U.S. interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to attend moving screenings of Hidden Figures, A Wrinkle in Time and Captain Marvel. The Bolles High School sophomore dreams big and has a goal to become the first African American to land on Mars. She earns her nickname — 'Astronaut StarBright' very well.

Regency Centers Table

I love the 'whole girl' approach that girls inc. takes to encourage girls to grow up healthy, educated and independent,” said Juliet Doll, Regency Centers' Human Resources Coordinator who was in attendance. “It is especially exciting that in Jacksonville they now have a high school initiative for girls exiting the eighth grade that will help them succeed in school, college, the workplace and life.

girls inc.'s mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. The local outpost of the non-profit is dedicated to breaking cycles of generational female poverty in Duval County by creating positive change for girls in grades kindergarten through 12th grades.

Photo credit: Caron Streibich & Jen Holdman