Regency Brings Home 2022 Gold ICSC Maxi Award

Regency Centers recently brought home a Gold MAXI Award at ICSC Vegas 2022 for its “2nd Gen Marketing” entry in the Innovation category. The annual convention is a two- to three-day gathering of dealmakers and industry experts who are driving innovation and evolution in the Marketplaces Industry. The MAXI Awards — which were expanded from national to global this year — showcase the creative practices that paint the picture for the future of the industry, highlighting its most innovative events, programs, and technologies that add value to shopping centers and companies around the world.


As a result of restrictions in 2020 and many businesses shuttering their locations, Regency recognized a future demand for ready or nearly ready to move in second-generation spaces. Its Marketing and IT teams built a fully-integrated, data-driven search tool for built-out medical, restaurant, and salon spaces. The ability to search for these particular spaces serves the needs of Regency’s dealmakers with up-to-date listings. It also provides expanding retailers with an easy way to find built-out space in their market. Once launched, Regency supported the tool with targeted advertising to various audiences, lead capture forms on its website, and relevant emails to engaged leads.
faith-hershey-headshotIt’s an honor to take home a Gold MAXI award for this initiative,” said Faith Hershey, Marketing Manager - Dealmaking. “It’s been awesome to see this idea transform into a flourishing campaign. This project is currently the second most viewed page on our website, and has only continued to grow.

This data-driven tool launched in early December 2021, successfully reaching the goal of not requiring ongoing maintenance. It is fully integrated within Regency’s existing system, and updates in real-time. Initially, the tool was promoted through the blog, a B2B-focused email campaign — which was distributed to 14,000+ industry brokers and retailers — social media posts, and paid advertising, which garnered more than 1,000,000 impressions throughout 2021. Ongoing marketing efforts for this tool include targeted campaigns, with a current average open rate of 74.07% and a click-through rate of 33.3%.

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