Blissful Seeds Creates Opportunity for Adults with Autism at Regency’s Twin Peaks

After years of selling goods at local farmer’s markets, Blissful Seeds will open its first retail location at Regency’s Twin Peaks in Poway, California.

Based in San Diego, Blissful Seeds is a local nonprofit dedicated to helping people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) thrive through employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. The organization recognizes the potential in each individual, providing comprehensive job coaching, work skills training, and career development programs to help them “plant the seeds of blissful lives.”

Blissful-Seeds_Twin-Peaks_2Photo: Blissful Seeds

The unique concept was spearheaded by Rita Nasrallah after her son was diagnosed with autism in 2012. In the years that followed, she gained firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by the ASD community, specifically when it came to finding and keeping a job. Just as schools have tailored curriculums to create learning opportunities for children with autism, she set out to open a small business tailored to providing adults with meaningful employment.

Blissful-Seeds_Twin-Peaks_4We all aspire for our children to be happy and accomplished in life, with or without special needs,” said Rita Sabita Nasrallah, Founder. “As a mother of a child with autism, I want others to understand that being differently abled is not a barrier to success, but an opportunity to thrive.

The Blissful Seeds retail location will be an art gallery and studio, selling products and crafts made by youth and adults with autism. With an inventory that includes all-natural bath bombs, candles, soaps, and resin art, products reflect the talents and strengths of their artisans, and will expand as the organization continues to employ more individuals with developmental disabilities.

Blissful-Seeds_Twin-Peaks_3Photo: Blissful Seeds

Parker-Rosen_HeadshotNot only is this a unique way to fill a retail space, but it’s a first for Regency’s portfolio in Southern California,” said Parker Rosen, Leasing Representative. “It’s truly inspiring to see how Blissful Seeds fuels the entrepreneurial spirit. I’m thrilled we can help them provide a platform to empower young adults with disabilities through entrepreneurship and employment.

Blissful Seeds is slated to open at Twin Peaks in September 2023, rounding out a merchandising mix that includes Amazon Fresh, Target, and CorePower Yoga. For additional leasing information, contact