Brrrn Revolutionizes Fitness Through Cooler Temperatures

Brrrn – the world’s first cool temperature fitness concept – is showing us the benefits that lower temperature can have on our bodies. Co-founded by Jimmy T. Martin and Johnny Adamic in NYC, the gym was founded on scientific data explaining that cooler environments actually boost alertness, performance, heart health and better sleeping habits while burning more calories.

inside of Brrrn fitness studio, with soft mood lighting. In 2013, Martin, a personal trainer, realized his clients functioned remarkably better during the winter months, and began researching cold weather affects. After meeting Adamic, a trained yoga instructor and former public health official, and with boutique fitness chains being the fastest growing arena of the $22 billion health club industry, together they decided to bring a new, unique workout environment to NYC’s fitness sector.

Performing preliminary trials at Sixpoint Brewery and an ice factory in Swoyersville, PA, the duo diligently perfected the studio temperature dynamics through working with respiratory therapists before raising $1.3 million in funding. Today, the gym offers three $34 classes: yoga-inspired mobility and strength conditioning (60°F), cardio slide board (55°F) and HIIT (45°F) in addition to an infrared sauna, lockers, and showers, etc. “We are calling attention to the fact that we live in these thermal cocoons where we are always comfortable, and everything is perfect,” says Martin, according to Fast Company. “And that’s not the human experience.”

Learn more about Brrrn here.

Photo credit: Brrrn