How RFID is Changing the Retail Checkout Experience

As the Digital Age progresses and new technological advancements roll out daily, retailers are in constant pursuit to stay above the fold by finding ways to effectively combine commerce and technology. In an effort to improve inventory management and return on investment, retailers are utilizing RFID — also known as Radio-Frequency Identification — as a means to gain advantages among competitors and operational constraints. This technology is especially being used when it comes to the checkout experience.

holding phone up to wireless checkout registerItem-level RFID placed strategically on apparel and garments gives retailers the opportunity to create unique check-out experiences with low human factor based errors. Another major benefit includes a major reduction when it comes to shrink and loss prevention, which helps retailers properly maintain other aspects of inventory systems including sizing and availability.

In addition to retail-related hiccups that the implementation of RFID is helping to avoid, the wealth of information it provides is a major benefit. According to Tech Native, “Once an RFID tag is read at an electronic point of sale, RFID systems can immediately determine the history of a certain product, helping to prevent anti-counterfeiting and gray market behavior, which is harmful to retailers.”

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Photo credit: Unsplash