CRE Show: Specialty Leasing with Regency Centers' Scott Prigge

Regency Centers' senior vice president, national property operations, Scott Prigge, joins Michael Bull, host of the Commercial Real Estate Show, to discuss specialty leasing. Pop up retailers can bring new traffic to your shopping center. Scott and Michael explore some of the best practices with specialty leasing in the current market.


Scott Prigge being interviewed on the Commercial Real Estate show. (Click image for full video)

Scott Prigge describes Regency Centers' specialty leasing program, “Today our occupancy for our entire portfolio is close to 95-96%, so we have to find other ways to help grow NOI and we do that through our specialty-leasing program," he explains, "which really tries to look for either temporary tenants or different uses within the common area - which not only enhance the shoppers experience and the overall sense of place within that center, but also generate a good deal amount of money.”