Regency Team and Persimmon Place Give Back to Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley

The Regency team in San Francisco, CA recently had the opportunity to give back to its community, and more particularly, Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley, as a result of unique, unforeseen circumstances. During a local fundraising activation at Persimmon Place, one of Regency’s own employees, Heather Bruce — who was visiting from Regency’s Florida headquarters to assist with the event — was unexpectedly diagnosed with severe Rhabdomyolysis following a muscle injury. The silver lining? The incredible care she received as a patient for five days at Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley.


heather-bruce-headshotAs crazy as the situation was, I couldn’t have asked for a better healthcare experience,” said Heather Bruce, Marketing Project Coordinator. “The Tri-Valley nurses and doctors were incredibly kind and thoughtful with their care. The level of communication, support, and even laughter they provided me during such a scary experience was unmatched, and I’ll be forever grateful. I even hand-wrote each of them thank-you notes at the end of my stay, and still keep in touch with some of them today.


Regency’s San Francisco team donated several items from the event that was hosted at Persimmon Place that week, including 55-inch flat screen TVs, Nintendo Switch OLED consoles, gaming monitors, controls, adapters, and more. The Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley team will be using them for its new Emergency Department staff lounge — a space intended for its team members to kick back and rejuvenate during their breaks.
gary-fields-headshotGiving back to Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley during this time has been a perfect example of Regency Centers living out our values by connecting with our local communities,” said Gary Fields, Vice President, Property Operations. “Meeting with some of the Tri-Valley staff for this exchange was incredibly humbling, and rewarding those who are working so hard on the front lines of our community was a no-brainer. I actually used to live right near this hospital, which made this experience that much sweeter for me.

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