Out of Office: A Q&A with CIO Dale Johnston, Paris Marathon Finisher

Dale Johnston, Regency Centers' Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, recently traveled halfway around the world to tackle his 11th marathon — that's 26.2 miles — in the scenic city of Paris, France with 50,000 other runners. Read on to discover the coolest parts about the race and what's next on his running agenda.

Dale running the Paris Marathon
What number marathon was this for you?
11th. (Columbia, SC, two in Jacksonville, two in Miami, Washington, Poland, New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Paris)

How did you decide on the Paris Marathon?
DJ: I didn’t get a lottery entry into the London Marathon, so Paris was the next choice in Europe for my wife, Robin, and I to visit.
RC: How long have you been distance running?
DJ: Since 2011.

RC: What was the coolest part about the race?
DJ: The sights and sites. Listening to everyone cheer in French. Running past Eiffel, Opera House, Grand Palace, The Louvre, Champs Elysees Ave., Notre Dame, The Seine River, The Bastille, and more. 

RC: What was the most challenging?
DJ: No Gatorade; only water, cobble stone streets, and white tablecloth, open buffet food on tables such as peeled bananas, pretzels, sponge cake squares, and sugar cubes — it was not enough to help me fuel up as I missed my Huma gels in Florida.
RC: What was your pre-race meal in Paris?
DJ: Peanut butter and baguettes.
Regency Centers: What’s next for you?
DJ: Robin and I have submitted international ballots for the London Marathon. If we do not get in, then I will apply for Tokyo or Berlin marathons in spring 2020. In the meantime, I feel like my training has been too much running. Robin and I are looking forward to getting back to boxing and Orange Theory Fitness classes to get our general strength back. I am also starting a 10-week maintenance program with Run Smart Online for their Yoga, Base 3, and Prime workouts.