Fresh Flavors Arrive at Regency’s Serramonte Center in Daly City, CA

Showcasing a taste of the San Francisco Bay Area, four new food options have joined the merchant lineup at Regency’s Serramonte Center in Daly City, CA. These casual dining concepts highlight the rich AAPI heritage that has shaped the region’s unique cultural fabric and offer a diverse range of options, from boba tea to poké bowls. They also contribute to the Bay Area's thriving food culture, deepening the connection between the community and its culinary traditions.

We’re thrilled to showcase the diverse flavors of the Bay Area with four new food concepts at Serramonte,” said Marie Villarosa, Marketing & Events Manager. “Not only are they delicious additions to the shopping center, but they also represent our commitment to celebrating the local tastes and cultural influences within the community.

Devil & Angel Desserts

IMG_409FD0458BFE-1Photo: Devil & Angel

Devil & Angel dares Daly City to be sweet, serving premier Korean desserts including milk teas, bubble smoothies, boba ice cream, and mochi doughnuts.

Their latest store at Serramonte Center is one of 12 establishments throughout California, with additional locations in Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho. Located in the recently renovated Target wing, the shop’s 987 SF interior features grass walls and neon signage perfect for social media photos.

The philosophy behind the Devil & Angel menu revolves around combining different dessert combinations, fusing the devilishly decadent with the angelically delightful. The soft serve ice cream, for example, comes in unique flavor pairings such as chocolate and ube, dragon berry and vanilla bean, and cookies & cream and pistachio. It can be enjoyed in a waffle cone, served with bungeo-ppang (a fish-shaped pastry), topped with boba, or prepared affogato style.

Burnin’ Mouth Nashville Hot Chicken

Photo: Burnin’ Mouth

Sweet-and-spicy Korean fried chicken meets the heat of Nashville hot chicken at Burnin’ Mouth, another new addition to Serramonte Center. The California-based chain recently took over a 944 SF space next to Devil & Angel, which is operated by the same owners.

Burnin’ Mouth claims to serve the “hottest chicken ever made,” offering fried chicken sandwiches, wings, and tenders in five levels of heat from “simple” to “insane.” The unexpected highlight of their menu, however, is the Korean corn dog.

Korean corn dogs are a popular street food similar to the traditional corn dogs we’re familiar with in the States. Unlike their American counterparts, Korean hot dogs are made with wheat or rice dough, giving them a more pronounced crunch. They’re also filled with sausage and cheese, rolled in panko, diced potato chunks, or ramen noodles, and topped with a sprinkle of sugar.

Poké House

JPEG image-4B01-9387-7D-0Photo: Poké House

Now open at Serramonte Center, Poké House puts a modern spin on traditional Hawaiian poké bowls. The new 1,214 SF storefront will be one of 12 locations across California, with seven more in the works.

Poke Housé aims to capture California’s spirit while supporting local small businesses and the environment. In fact, they’re environmentally conscious from construction to consumption. Reclaimed wood is used in the restaurant interior, and their bowls are made of biodegradable corn or plant fiber. Their seasonal menu features sushi-grade fish delivered fresh daily, handcrafted sauces prepared in-house, and locally sourced fruits and vegetables to create dishes that not only taste good, but that guests can feel good about eating. 

Guests can create custom poké bowls by choosing from various bases, proteins, sauces, and mix-ins, or they can select one of several signature bowls like the Miso Salmon Bowl or Tuna Lover Bowl. Hand rolls, like the Spam Musubi Hand Roll or California Hand Roll, are also available.

Simmer Huang Miao Grill

Photo: Simmer Huang Miao Grill

Simmer Huang Miao Grill is setting Daly City ablaze with sizzling flavors. Nestled in a 2,556 SF space at Serramonte Center, this new culinary gem brings the art of Chinese dry-pot cooking to the table. A delightful twist on the classic hot pot experience, Simmer Huang Miao Grill tantalizes taste buds by stir-frying a blend of fresh ingredients.

At Simmer Huang Miao Grill, the power is in your hands. Customize your dry pot to perfection, or dive into their selection of signature delights. From the rich and hearty Beef Rib Dry Pot to the bold and adventurous Bull Frog Dry Pot, guests are in for a journey through flavors that fuse tradition and innovation.

Boasting more than 15 million annual visits, Serramonte Center is a highly trafficked shopping center conveniently located at I-280 and HWY 1 on San Francisco's south end. The 1,072,259 SF property features a merchandising mix that includes national brands like Crunch Fitness, World Market, and Nordstrom Rack, as well as local favorites like Peet’s Coffee & Tea, California Fish Market, Super Duper Burgers, and Ike's Love & Sandwiches.

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