Serramonte Center’s Jagalchi Brings a Taste of Korea to the Bay Area

Innovation meets culinary excellence at Jagalchi, a specialty food concept joining Regency’s Serramonte Center in Daly City, CA. The brand-new addition, which will offer authentic, high-quality Korean ingredients and cuisine, plus reasonably priced Korean dining and a healthy gluten-free bakery, will be unveiled by the end of 2024.

Named after a landmark tourist destination and the largest seafood market in Busan, Korea, Jagalchi brings a fresh take on Korean cuisine to the Bay Area. Beyond the traditional notion of a grocery store, this culinary destination will redefine how we experience Korean cuisine, offering a variety of fresh seafood and a vibrant atmosphere for seasoned foodies and adventurous eaters alike.

Jagalchi provides high-quality products and food at reasonable prices, offering a one-stop space where you can enjoy delicious food cooked in authentic Korean style, shop, and experience Korean food culture,” said a Jagalchi representative. “Our goal is to always provide the most Korean-like local representative attraction where you can enjoy happy and new epicurean experiences.

Jagalchi will be home to POGU, a restaurant that promises an authentic Korean dining experience at a reasonable price. Helmed by Chef Tony Yoo, Korea’s first Michelin-starred chef in the Korean cuisine category, POGU invites you to savor Korean cuisine at its finest.

Chef Yoo, a pioneer in contemporary Korean cuisine, began his career at San Francisco’s Michelin-starred Aqua Restaurant and is currently the owner of Dooreyoo in Seoul. His culinary career has taken him across the globe, including to the United Kingdom, where he served as head chef of the Korean Embassy during the 2012 London Olympics.

Through the Temple Food Culture Research Institute, Chef Yoo presents his unique style based on deep-rooted traditional seasonings and foraged cooking methods derived from Korean temple traditions. Now at POGU, he plans to unfold his lifelong passion for Korean cuisine to a global audience.

Jagalchi will also house BASQUIA, a Korean bakery. This unique destination will offer gluten-free bread baked using optimal rice flour processing technology (air-jet wet milling), which mimics the texture and taste of wheat flour bread as closely as possible, with more natural nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Jagalchi aims to blur the lines between traditional restaurants, artisanal bakeries, and everyday grocery shopping. With a vision to become San Francisco's premier specialty food store, Jagalchi invites all to indulge in the finest Korean cuisine, tailored to suit diverse lifestyles and preferences.

I believe that introducing Jagalchi to our shopping center will elevate the experience of our visitors,” said John Colucci, General Manager, Serramonte Center. “By creating a dynamic environment where shopping, dining, and socializing converge, we will enhance the appeal and vibrancy of our destination.

Serramonte Center is a highly trafficked shopping center conveniently located in the south end of the San Francisco Bay Area in Daly City. Boasting more than 15 million annual visits, Serramonte features a merchandising lineup that includes national brands like Macy’s, Target, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Chick-fil-A and World Market, plus local favorites like Ike’s Love & Sandwiches, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and Super Duper Burgers.

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