How Retailers like CVS, LensCrafters and DSW are Contributing to Wellness Trends

As the wellness industry reaches new heights and inches closer to the mainstream market each day, retailers are taking innovative, out-of-the-box measures in order to adhere to current trends in medical, psychotherapeutic and fitness communities. Additionally, these retailers are implementing in-store wellness opportunities and services that add a physical element beyond the typical shopping experience. To stay above the fold, brands including CVS, DSW And LensCrafters are jumping on the bandwagon.

Sole Lounge in DSW storeLensCrafters, for example, continues to utilize technological enhancements and recently rolled out unique vision care called Clarifye: a digital eye exam experience that gathers five times the amount of data through a reimagined, high-tech screening process. Popular shoe retailer DSW is captivating consumers through its “innovative lab store” and more specifically, the Sole lounge: an in-store experience offering pampering services including manicures and pedicures, plus shoe repair and orthotic assistance, “as foot health is integral to total health,” according to Roger Rawlins, DSW's CEO.

Meanwhile, CVS recently underwent a health-and-wellness makeover, morphing into a Whole Foods-esque aesthetic and layout that focuses less on being sick and more on elements encouraging self-care. These locations include everything from disruptive “discovery zones” intended to spotlight holistic products and services and inventory — which has recently been updated with more than 400 organic products and 1,000 natural items — with positive, health-focused messaging to boot.

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Photo credit: DSW