Kroger's New Wellness App Encourages Healthier Shopping Habits

Kroger is changing the way consumers eat — and shop. The company’s new mobile shopping app, OptUp, helps customers keep track of their product selections while providing nutritional insight through a formulated health score ranging from 1-100. Compatible with various stores within the Kroger network (including QFC and Fred Meyer), the app aims to encourage a healthier grocery shopping experience for all.

inside of Kroger store

Created with professional input from the brand’s in-house dietitians and based on nationally recognized nutrition standards, the app uses colors to signify different product scores within the number scale (1-36 being red, 37-70 being yellow and 71-100 green.) Once the shopper’s cart is full and all products are accounted for, the app tallies up each user’s total household score, encouraging shoppers to remain in the “green” health level — which is lower in saturated fat, calories, sodium and sugar — by maintaining a score of 600 and above. 

The app, which is part of Kroger’s recently launched Wellness Your Way campaign, includes additional, personalized perks that provide shoppers with suggestions based on their individual shopping habits, while also providing an option to scan any in-store item to learn more about its nutritional value. 

Learn more about Kroger and the OptUp app here

Photo credit: Bloomberg