Kroger's Tech Investments are Changing the Consumer Experience

In an effort to better reflect the values and demands of today’s shopping experience, paired with the ever-evolving technological world, Kroger is reimagining the ways it connects with — and caters to — its customers. With help from its “Restock Kroger” initiative, the nation’s largest traditional supermarket chain is seeking to invest in and refine the services, quality and prices that define the Kroger consumer experience.

Kroger storefrontIn addition to rolling out its Scan, Bag, Go self-checkout app and one-day robot car delivery services, Kroger is currently undertaking the implementation of company-owned restaurants and a private-label clothing line. And while while the previously-mentioned Restock Kroger program is highly regarded for its digital components, the program’s particular investment in meal kits — with the hope of creating a more diverse product assortment — is worth taking note of. On a broader scale, these examples of success ride on the heels of the company’s digital analytics program, which boasts the ability to depict popular, sought-after products and brands.

With these upgraded values in data and analytics comes an upgraded staff in terms of talent, retention and investment. In opening a digital headquarters in downtown Cincinnati, Kroger projects that its team will double from 500 to 1,000 members and increase wages and benefits. If these efforts meet their anticipated outcomes, Kroger’s overhead costs will be significantly reduced through operational advancements, which will create room for better, more affordable prices, a happier staff, and more fulfilled customers.

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Photo credit: Wall Street Journal