'Movement Studio' Fitness Thrives at Regency's Rockridge Center

Since the onset of the pandemic, Regency has been dedicated to finding the silver linings amidst this challenging time — and Movement Studio at Rockridge Center in Plymouth, MN has certainly been one of them. With humble beginnings as a small Facebook fitness community that founder Monica Moreland created after losing her job at a popular gym, Movement has transformed into a thriving business with a COVID-19 success story for the books. 


Branding itself as a “no excuse” program, the organization has garnered 900 in-person and virtual members in just six months. Today, the program includes memberships with in-person, live-streamed and on-demand classes, and workouts including cycle and running, low impact, basic strength, kickboxing, yoga, and more.

monica_moreland_headshotI’m so excited to call Rockridge Center home,” said Monica Moreland, Founder, Movement Studio. “Being a small startup company, it has been so nice to have support from Regency Centers. They’ve shown me that they really care about our success, which makes me excited to grow our company at Rockridge.

Upon entrance to the fitness center, in-person members are greeted by live-streaming members, who are projected by video on the studio walls in real-time. Situated in an environment including 12 hanging speakers and loud, motivating music, all participants, both inside and outside the studio, are in it together — whether they’re sweating alongside each other or snowed in at home with their kids.

nick_koglin_headshotWe were initially intrigued by Monica’s vision for an omni-channel fitness concept, and her passion and experience were immediately evident,” said Nick Koglin, Senior Manager, Investments. “Offering both virtual and in-person group exercise classes, Monica’s emphasis on establishing a fitness community has proven to be the secret ingredient to her strong opening at Rockridge Center.

Strategically located in a highly dense, affluent area at a heavy-traffic intersection near Route 169, Rockridge Center is anchored by key retailers including Cub Foods, Caribou Coffee, Allstate InsuranceQdoba and more.

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