Regency Becomes Signatory for Commercial Real Estate Principles by REBA

At Regency Centers, we know that collaboration is key for sustainable solutions, and as we approach Earth Day this year, we are proud to be among the first group of signatories for the Commercial Real Estate Principles by Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA). This represents a significant opportunity to reduce emissions through energy efficiency and renewable energy, and we eagerly join our peers in creating a collective demand for sustainable energy solutions in the commercial real estate sector.

kirrin_winning_headshotWe are thrilled to become signatories for the Renewable Energy Buyer’s Alliance’s Commercial Real Estate Principles,” said Kirrin Winning, Director, Corporate Responsibility and Social Impact. “The Principles align with our current renewable energy activities and elevated corporate responsibility plan. We are pleased to be supporting their implementation with peers and our tenants to advance a more sustainable future.


An alliance of large clean energy buyers, energy providers, and service providers, REBA works together with NGO partners to unlock the marketplace for all nonresidential energy buyers to lead a rapid transition to a cleaner, prosperous, zero-carbon energy future.

The principles of the organization include:

  • Building collaborative partnerships between tenants and landlords
  • Ensuring transparency of energy use per tenant
  • Prioritizing energy reduction and efficiency
  • Providing access to renewable energy options
  • Sharing energy solutions that drive impact
  • Engaging in public disclosure and benchmarking
mark_peternell_headshotAt Regency, we are constantly seeking to improve our environmental impact through the integration of sustainable practices,” said Mark Peternell, Vice President, Sustainability. “We are proud to be helping build momentum around this initiative and look forward to meeting our sustainability goals, in part through implementation of these Principles.

Click here to learn how the Principles and REBA’s Future of Real Estate Power program can support your sustainability goals, and learn more about Regency’s commitment to Corporate Responsibility here.