Regency Wins 16th Consecutive First Coast Healthiest Companies Award

For the 16th consecutive year, Jacksonville’s First Coast Worksite Wellness Council (FCWWC) has recognized Regency Centers with the First Coast Healthiest Companies award. Regency Centers has achieved the Platinum level — the highest tier of the award — for the 10th year in a row, joining 37 other companies in earning this distinction.

This award honors companies dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of their employees. Platinum award winners excel with top-tier wellness programs and foster a health-centric culture within their organizations. They demonstrate this through initiatives that support various aspects of well-being, including physical, mental, and social health.

At Regency Centers, we prioritize the overall well-being of our employees. Our values-based culture means we support the health and safety of our employees in ways beyond standard benefits. We foster an environment where physical, emotional, and financial well-being are integral to our mission. Through innovative wellness programs, a supportive community, and resources that promote resilience and personal growth, we ensure our employees thrive both professionally and personally.

Our benefits package encompasses four key wellness categories:

  • Physical Health: Encouraging employees to adopt healthy habits and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
  • Financial Security: Enhancing quality of life and reducing stress related to financial instability.
  • Emotional Balance: Offering tools and resources to foster resilience and support mental health.
  • Connected Community: Promoting a strong sense of community and positive social interactions.

We encourage employees to reach their personal health goals through a comprehensive wellness program centered on education, awareness, and prevention. Regency’s wellness program includes access to annual health screenings and educational resources on nutrition, exercise, mental health, and workplace ergonomics. This voluntary program incentivizes participation by offering rewards to those who engage.

We support the professional development and work/life balance of each employee by offering a comprehensive and competitive benefits package. This includes enhanced insurance options, point solutions for back/joint pain and family planning, a robust well-being platform, and extensive employee and management assistance programs. Our parental leave policies encompass maternity, paternity, and adoption benefits, while our compassionate leave supports employees caring for a family member.

Additionally, we prioritize the health and well-being of our merchants and their customers. Our property operations professionals conduct regular inspections, repairs, and remediation efforts to ensure our shopping centers remain safe and secure.

0-Sep-23-2020-06-08-13-03-PM-1We’re grateful to be recognized among the First Coast Healthiest Companies for yet another year,” said Reese Dowell, Director, Total Rewards. “No matter how many times we receive this award, the meaning remains profound. This win demonstrates our strong leadership support, ongoing dedication to our employees, and commitment to providing best-in-class programs that create a healthy and supportive workplace culture.

Learn more about Regency’s commitment to health, wellness, and corporate responsibility here.