Regency's Point 50 Completes Multi-Year Redevelopment in Fairfax, VA

Regency’s Point 50 shopping center in Fairfax, VA recently completed a major multi-year redevelopment process. Anchored by Amazon Fresh — a new grocery store designed from the ground-up and offering a seamless, enhanced, and efficient grocery experience — the center is currently 100% leased and comprises 48,143 SF of retail space.

point 50-redevelopment

Prior to its extensive redevelopment, Point 50 began as “Fairfax Shopping Center,” a 68,000 SF center housing a furniture store and a locksmith — and has since transformed into a modern, community-focused, grocery anchored center. Point 50’s recent renovation updates have resulted in an ideal mix of grocery and lifestyle components, featuring a variety of local and national merchants — from boutique fitness, to craft coffee, and beyond.


nathan-bath-headshotThis completion has been a long time coming, and it’s been amazing to see it through from start to finish,” said Nathan Bath, Senior Manager, Investments. “Amazon Fresh and its incredible amenities, including its 'Just Walk Out'' technology, provide a modernized shopping experience with an enhanced ease of transaction. This was a fully collaborative effort between our team and the city of Fairfax, resulting in an updated traffic pattern, pathways, and overall landscape. We couldn’t be happier with the end result, and look forward to seeing Point 50 continue to thrive.

The Amazon Fresh flagship location opened its doors in Woodland Hills, CA in 2020, and has since expanded to 37 stores across eight states. The concept features Dash Cart — a digital component through which shoppers can add and pay for their groceries with the tap of a button, as well as virtually pay using ‘Just Walk Out’ technology — in addition to traditional checkout lanes. Added perks of Amazon Fresh include weekly deals and discounts for Prime members, as well as on-site Amazon pick-ups and returns, and more.

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 2.18.08 PMI have truly enjoyed working on this development over the years," said April Laney, Senior Leasing Agent. "We always knew that this project had so much potential, and we merchandized the center to be a unique amenity for the community to enjoy.

Situated in Fairfax City and boasting the second-highest median income of any jurisdiction in the U.S., Point 50 is home to a variety of retailers including Amazon Fresh, Big Buns, Compass Coffee, Orangetheory Fitness, matchbox, and more.


Learn more about Point 50 here, and contact for leasing opportunities at our other Fairfax, VA shopping centers: Greenbriar Town Center and Kamp Washington.