Artist Feature: Belmont Chase Artisan Market

On Saturday, June 25, we will celebrate the official opening of Belmont Chase in Ashburn, Virginia. The Whole Foods Market-anchored center touts a contemporary design along with rustic finishes such as natural wood, stone and red brick – an architectural work of art. During the  event, Loudoun County artists will showcase their designs and artwork in an Artisan Market from 11 am to 2 pm., accompanied by music from Julia Kasdorf and kid-friendly activities.

In a recent blog, Hap Stein, our CEO and Chairman, describes the importance of how art can connect with the community, “Regency Centers has been a long-time supporter of the arts,” he said. “The arts is one way we can make our community better, and that’s one of our core values.”

While each artist has a different style and medium, they all share the same passion for creating art and culture within the community. Below is a complete list of the local artists that will be featured at the Artisan Market.

Collage of various artwork from local artists, including paintings and a sculpture of seashells.

Ann Marie Williams

Ann Marie ArtworkAnn Marie Williams is an award-winning fine artist and children’s book illustrator. She has worked as a graphic designer, art director and adjunct professor of graphic design at The American University in Washington, DC. Presently, she teaches art at MTC Art Studios in Glen Dale, MD.

Anne Jordan

Anne Jordan ArtworkAnne Jordan's passion for copper originated five years ago when her neighbor gave her a few scraps of copper her kids found. She took a coppersmithing class to figure out how to use it, and has been hooked ever since. She makes decorative and functional hammered copper art: trays, bowls, mirrors, wall art, outdoor garden art and fountains.


Art-e ArtworkRebeca Roman was born in Santiago, Chile. Rebeca came to the U.S. in the late 1980s. She started painting by doing murals and other small works on paper. She is an abstract modern artist who works with acrylic on canvas.

Barbara Suplita Mosaics

Barbara Suplita ArtworkBarbara Suplita crafts mosaic creations including pet portraits, signs, mirrors and other whimsical works of art.

Contrived by Dezign

Contrived by Dezign ArtworkHandmade jewelry, photography & videography services offered by Christine. Her background includes Arts and Education Administration, Development Management, freelance Publicist, Personal Trainer, Artist, Biographer and Personal Inventory Specialist.

Earth Wind and Fleece

Earth Wind and Fleece artworkEarth Wind and Fleece is a family-owned and operated farm; a garden; a fiber arts studio; and a world of it's own. Artist Susan Trask designs felted silk scarves. Each scarf is one of a kind, hand made in our fiber arts studio on the farm.

Infusion Arts

Infusion Arts ArtworkKaren Watson, a mixed media artist working in acrylic paint on canvas an wood, is the artist behind Infusion Arts. Inspired by color, texture, history, as well as natural and found objects, she incorporates varying materials including paper, photographs and objects into pieces that others may find interesting and add to their own home or collection.

Kim T. Richards

Kim T. Richards artworkA Brooklyn born artist and designer, Kim T. Richards lives in a beautiful suburb of Washington, D.C. Drawing and painting have always been her favorite ways to spend time, and she is fortunate to have been able to make a career out of her passion.

Misty Peak Pavilion

Misty Peak Pavilion artworkDottie Blair's traditional Oriental art is drawn from life. Gnarled bent trees cling perilously to craggy mountains, swathed in swirling mists; temples and pagodas, both modest and ornate, grace lovely placid river banks and small bustling villages; tiny bridges cross small streams far below thunderous waterfalls; all the while, simple people go about daily life. Chinese painting is learned by copying the works of old masters. It is believed that in copying the work of the ancients, their spirits are reborn as their works take on new life. Much of the Misty Peak Pavilion artwork is inspired by their lovely paintings.

Love Soul Style

Love Soul Style artworkDebbie Love's Love Soul Style bracelets are about wearing and defining your own style and for you to remember that your soul is beautiful, brave, and worthy! Each bracelet is hand-crafted in the U.S. from stones of intention and elements of interest, meant to share the love from our souls. She began her creations from her metro D.C. home studio with the goal of touching a million women's lives through a personalized charitable mission.

Live music performance by Julia Kasdorf

Julie KasdorfJulia Kasdorf’s powerful vocals are well known to area music lovers through her decade-long collaboration with the alt-country group One Horse Town. As the singer entered the new decade, she put together a new band—with an emphasis on rock and roll—and embarked on a thriving solo career.

The Belmont Chase Artisan Market is Saturday, June 25 from 11am until 2pm. Visit Belmont Chase on Facebook for additional event details.

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