Video: CEO Lisa Palmer on Post-Pandemic Grocery-Anchored Retail

Regency Centers President and CEO, Lisa Palmer, was recently interviewed during Nareit's REITweek: 2020 Virtual Investor Conference.


Adapting to the new normal, Palmer spoke to the implementation of pick-up-and-go zones at various Regency shopping centers. These helpful zones include dedicated, marked parking spaces that help both the merchants and shoppers when they are ordering online and completing curbside pick up.

Palmer said that 4,200 of Regency’s 8,000 merchants are small businesses. “It’s not just their life savings, it’s their lives—it's what they do," she said. "The burden and the emotional toll it’s taking on them is obviously something that we are trying to help them with and work with them [on]."

She went on to say that in the early stages of the pandemic, one of the first things Regency’s team did was ensure they were able to contact all 8,000 merchants. The next step was the creation of a resources website for them that included information about the CARES Act.

To watch the video interview, click here. For more information on Nareit, click here.