Intel's Chief Innovation Officer for Retail Solutions Shares her Thoughts on the Future of Technology

Spearheading the evolving technologies and growing demands of today’s retail revolution in both the physical and digital space is Intel — a leading innovator in powering the smart and connected digital world we live in. In an interview with Retail Gets Real, Stacey Schulman, chief innovation officer for Intel’s retail solutions division said, “We’re trying to inspire the retail industry to continue leveraging data and information.” Schulman also discussed topics like artificial intelligence, autonomous retail technology, increasing urbanism and more macro trends that are driving the future of retail today.

large display of multiple small screens with different tech images on itOne major area of retail that is beginning to leverage data is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Schulman references its four stages:
• analytics or contextualizing information
• understanding how to react to that contextualized information
• building relationships and intent around the contextualized data
• general intelligence, where AI-generated information is used for decision-making.

With nearly 30 years of retail experience under her belt, Schulman prides herself on her experiences working “every angle of retail” — specifically from a female vantage point. “The thing I had to learn,” she says, “is the mix of being able to take credit for your work, but at the same time crediting the team and the collaboration with the people around you…you don’t have to be one of the boys to do this,” she tells young women as a mentor herself, according to the National Retail Federation.

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Photo credit: Intel