How Millennial and Gen Z Consumers are Changing the Future of Mobile Ads

Forbes recently polled 1,000 millennial and Gen Z consumers who together, command an estimated spending power of nearly $350 billion between now and 2020 — in partnership with research organization YPulse. The topic? Digital and creative trends in location-based mobile advertising. The results? Ultimately, 88% of the polled respondents desire mobile creative materials that reflect their activities, locations and/or tastes.

woman looking at a credit card with a phone in hand and a notebook on the tableSpecifications of respondents included everything from 28% desiring an ad offer with the option to (both) act on in the moment or save it for later, to 20% anticipating that the ad would lead to their next great discovery and 10% seeking mobile creative that reflects their current location. These findings also show us that conveniences like flexibility and relevancy in matching users’ lifestyles and needs is a priority. But what the findings have taught analysts most is the importance of becoming a futurist — moving away from reporting history while moving toward more accurately forecasting the future.

According to Forbes, “Futurist CFOs and other forward-thinking C-suite executives can identify possibilities, select the most favorable outcomes and attempt to influence events to create a desired future. Or they can use their data-driven insights to shed light on where a business is performing, where it isn’t, and how to best allocate resources to achieve strategic goals.”

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Photo credit: Forbes