Learn How Retail Brands are Competing for Shoppers' Habits

The challenges and triumphs in the ever-changing world of traditional retail have recently been re-analyzed can be found – for the seventh year in a row – via the annual PwC consumer insights survey. Conducted in late 2017, the most recent survey represents more than 22,000 respondents in 27 territories. It paints a vivid picture of retail patrons and their various shopping habits across a variety of ages, genders and geographical locations.

two women outdoors walking the streets holding large shopping bagsWhat do this year’s statistics tell us? For starters, fifty-three percent of respondents were able to specify and name in-person interactions with knowledgeable, helpful salespeople — a larger percentage than those who named personalized offers (forty percent). And while shoppers increasingly use smartphones as a routine gateway for shopping, studies also show forty-four percent of shoppers haven’t given up on the in-store experience.

Responses also reflect that the average consumer is seeking emotionally satisfying connections with the retailers they choose to shop with – relishing in the excitement that comes along with making a shopping discovery, finding their new favorite stores, and even publishing these findings online.

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Photo credit: PwC