Scenes From RECon 2016

Another ICSC RECon is in the books with more than 36,000 attendees, the highest number to attend the annual event since the Great Recession. The show kicked off Sunday, May 22 in Las Vegas, with a keynote from Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who has had a successful post-NBA career in retail real estate.

On Monday, May 23, dealmaking began and overall takeaways from the numerous meetings support the strength of Regency's Fresh Look strategy:

  • Retailers are looking for strong, densly-populated urban and suburban developments
  • Placemaking and experiential design are not only preferred, but expected by both retailers and cities alike
  • Both retailers and shoppers value centers that strongly connect to the communities they serve



Regency dealmakers and their guests were greeted by a reimagined booth experience featuring environmental lighting, soft seating and casual gathering places:

"Our goal was to create an atmosphere that reflected the strong placemaking and design elements at our properties, while providing a warm and welcoming environment to conduct deals."

– Jan Hanak
Vice President, Marketing + Communications

An oversized hand-drawn chalkboard menu by Val Durak greeted guests with a picturesque menu from Regency retail partners Jason's Deli and P.F. Changs:



Regency also celebrated taking home silver at the annual ICSC U.S. MAXI Awards for its Phillips Place Winter Wonderland event.



By Wednesday, dealmaking had come to a close and the last of the flights left Las Vegas, not to return for another year. We thank everyone who visited the Regency Centers booth and look forward to another great year in #CRE!