Our 2017 RECon Tip Sheet

With more than 36,000 attendees and upward of 1,000 exhibitors over a four-day period, ICSC's annual RECon can prove to be a daunting experience. Whether it’s your first time visiting the big show or you are a seasoned veteran, we believe there is information below that will serve as a good reminder or lesson heading into May 21-24 in Las Vegas:

Headshot of Lisa Palmer.

Lisa Palmer

President, Chief Financial Officer

“There are thousands of people who attend RECon every year, but the best people in the industry are on our own team. Every year I make a reminder to save time for our fellow Regency family members. They are always going to be some of the most important relationships and contacts you can keep.”

Headshot of John Mehigan

John Mehigan
Senior Vice President, Senior Market Officer

“Drink an unreasonable amount of water. The dry heat will get to you faster than you’d think. Be sure to always use mints over gum; nobody wants to sit in a meeting with people grinding on their Big League Chew ™. Finally, ICSC can be like speed dating with thousands of tiny conversations. When someone asks you “how’s it going?,” you should have a good answer. Write it down and practice it to get better. What message are you sending to the world?”

Headshot of John Hricko

John Hricko
Vice President, Market Officer

“Make sure you have a plan from the start. This includes stretching, as these are going to be some long days! Always be passionate about our sites, projects and spaces, and work to understand a retailer’s business and why a particular center would work for them. Also, why a particular center won’t work for them, and acknowledge when it doesn’t. This can build credibility with the retailer and let them know that you are partnering for their success. Finally, make sure you work the room at any cocktail party you’re at!”

Headshot of Joanna Rotonde

Joanna Rotonde
Senior Manager, Transactions

“Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to anyone, even if they are in the ‘C-Suite!’ Be sure that you do your own due diligence on who you are meeting with and what your meeting is about – it always pays off. Make your presence known while being humble at the same time, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water and eat!”