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Chapel Hill's Blue Hill District Comes to Life

The Blue Hill District covers 180 acres targeted for redevelopment and reinvestment, in Chapel Hill, NC.

Regency Centers recently partnered with other developers to make Blue Hill District a place where people work, live and play.

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The Smart Retail Guide to Pokémon GO

It would seem there are just as many articles about how to use Pokémon GO for retail as there are Pokémon GO players. The augmented reality game featuring a wide assortment of colorful pocket monsters (hence the name), has exploded in popularity since its recent launch. If you are a small business owner, store manager, or property manager then this is good news for you, too. 

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This new Publix in North Carolina Represents the Future of Grocery Stores

Publix Super Markets Inc. has opened a new store in North Carolina that's as much a foodie experience as it is a grocery store.

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