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Macy's Launches In-store Shopping Assistant Powered by IBM's Watson AI Tech

Macy's is testing a mobile tool using artificial intelligence that lets shoppers get answers customized to the store they're in — like where a particular brand is located or what's in stock — that they would normally ask a sales associate face-to-face.

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Regency Centers Announces the LEED Silver Certification of The Village at La Floresta

Regency Centers announced this week the achievement of LEED Silver Certification for The Village at La Floresta, in Brea, California. This accolade adds to Regency’s already substantial list of sixteen LEED Certified developments, further establishing the REIT as an industry-leader in sustainability.

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The Smart Retail Guide to Pokémon GO

It would seem there are just as many articles about how to use Pokémon GO for retail as there are Pokémon GO players. The augmented reality game featuring a wide assortment of colorful pocket monsters (hence the name), has exploded in popularity since its recent launch. If you are a small business owner, store manager, or property manager then this is good news for you, too. 

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Regency Centers Acquires Klahanie Shopping Center

Jacksonville, FL-based Regency Centers acquired Seattle, WA-based Klahanie Shopping Center for $36 million. This acquisition has bolstered Regency’s footprint in the Puget Sound area. Other important centers in the area include Sammamish Highlands, Grand Ridge Plaza in Issaquah, Broadway Market and Pine Lake Village.

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Augmenting Reality in Retail: How Lowe's, Walgreens Make Virtual Change In The Aisle

For Lowe’s, it was a virtual no-brainer. Many people can envision a new kitchen, but few can actually visualize it – not correctly anyway. That island ends up taking more space than you thought, and the refrigerator door opens right into the entranceway.

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Why Barnes & Noble Is Getting Into Beauty

Right across the aisle from a stack of College of William & Mary sweatshirts at the Barnes & Noble campus bookstore in Williamsburg, Virginia, there’s a display with over 50 lipsticks and lip glosses.

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Stater Bros. Reducing Lighting 50% for Summer

Stater Bros. Markets said Monday it plans to voluntarily reduce lighting energy 50% at all stores during the summer months from noon until 6 p.m. daily.

“Energy use peaks during that time, and our energy reduction efforts underscore our ongoing commitment to the environment, the community and our employees,” Pete Van Helden, president and CEO of the San Bernardino, Calif.-based chain, said.

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Mattress Startup to Sell in West Elm Stores

West Elm thinks there's a revolution happening in the mattress industry -- and it wants in.

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Pieology acquires competitor Project Pie

Pieology Pizzeria has acquired the competing Project Pie fast-casual pizza chain, the company said Wednesday.  Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.-based Pieology received a strategic investment in January from the founders of the Panda Restaurant Group, parent to the Panda Express chain. Terms of the Project Pie deal were not disclosed.

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