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Eddie Bauer and PacSun to Join Same Operating Company

San Francisco-based Golden Gate Capital, a private equity investment firm, recently announced the unveiling of its new operating company, PSEB Group, which is expected to close in the third quarter of 2018. The group will consist of two popular apparel companies under the Golden State umbrella: Eddie Bauer, LLC, an outdoor brand with performance-geared inventory including footwear, accessories and gear, and Pacific Sunwear of California, LLC, (also known as PacSun,) a leading Los Angeles-focused specialty retailer offering trendy fashion and a cross-section of emerging brands.

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Target Introduces New "Made by Design" Home Brand

Target is going back to its roots for the release of its latest home brand, and the fourth home brand launched in the past year alone: Made By Design. Similar to its partnership with Michael Graves in the 2000s, Target has conceptualized the new home goods brand with a strong focus on a theme of functional, clean design.

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From Pancakes to Burgers: The IHOb Story

On Monday, IHOP, America’s International House of Pancakes, created quite the media buzz by announcing their latest rebrand to IHOb: International House of Burgers. Widely known for its pancakes and breakfast menu overall, the chain’s viral (and controversial) announcement is, in fact, only temporary, and rather an elaborate PR stunt in an effort to promote its new burger line.

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Halo Top Creamery Expands from Store Shelves to Scoop Shops

Over the past several years Halo Top has increasingly gained popularity and market share in grocer's freezers. The low-calorie, low-sugar, high-protein pint-sized goodness has been flying off the shelves since entering the market in 2012, and was recently deemed America’s best-selling pint of ice cream. In 2016 alone, there were 13.5 million pints sold, garnering a whopping $66 million in revenue. So after successfully tackling the freezer game, Halo Top is broadening its horizons and forging its way into the experiential retail sphere.

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Beauty Counters Step Up their Game to Compete with Online Sales

As millennials continue to be an economic powerhouse, their tech-driven behavior is encouraging some beauty counters to innovate. Last year, online sales in the makeup industry increased by upwards of 30 percent, while online sales for skincare products surpassed in-store sales by 700 percent. This is largely and unsurprisingly linked to the tech-savvy millennial consumer’s affinity for beauty products — plus the convenience and instant gratification of online shopping.

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Chipotle Debuts Digital Order Drive-Thru Lanes

Chipotle Mexican Grill is spicing things up and adding a whole new meaning to the term “fast casual.” The franchise recently announced the addition of drive-thru lanes to a handful of its storefronts, creating an even more convenient and alluring opportunity to eat on-the-go. The twist? Drive-thru customers are required to place their orders via Chipotle’s mobile app or online form ahead of time.

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Terrific Things Happening in Grocery

Jim Thompson is Executive Vice President of Operations for Regency Centers. 

It’s no secret that being grocery-anchored is a key fundamental to our continued success. Eighty percent of our centers have a grocery component, complemented by a merchandising mix of convenience, daily needs and service-focused retailers.

It has given us a lot of insight into how things are evolving on a macro, as well as, a micro level. Even as grocers modify their in-store experiences for today’s consumer, they are still looking for the same elements of quality retail in order to be successful: high visibility, ease of access, and convenience. It is how they are using these elements in new ways that is the real driver of change.

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What About Millennial Moms?

Modern society is comprised of millennial moms who seemingly do it all – from curating Pinterest-worthy homes for their families to thrive in, to working full-time careers and even maintaining side jobs. But amidst the hustle and bustle, one specific industry continues to miss the mark in meeting the standards of millennial moms: retail.

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Starbucks Cuts Limited-Time Menu Items by 30%

Last month, Starbucks released the bittersweet news of its infamous Unicorn Frappuccino’s official menu departure. Along with the coffee giant’s plans to cut the highly Instagrammable pink and purple drink, it will be eliminating a number of other limited-time item offers by a stealthy 30% in the upcoming year.

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Deconstructed Fitness is Booming in Retail

Patrick Conway is Regency Centers Vice President and Market Officer in Los Angeles, CA. He oversees a portfolio of 21 properties, totaling more than three million SF.

The booming fitness category has made a surprisingly significant impact on retail real estate. Trendy concepts like CorePower Yoga, Orangetheory Fitness, and SoulCycle are expanding nationwide, filling retail vacancies, driving more foot traffic throughout the day, attracting new customers, and complementing retail merchandising mixes for owners and operators of these shopping centers.

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What Dwell Time Means for the Bottom Line

Scott Prigge is Regency's Senior Vice President of National Operations currently overseeing property management, specialty leasing, and the company's sustainability program.

The shopping experience has never been more data-driven.

The customer, retailer and shopping center now all have unparalleled access to data, and one of the more interesting data points in our industry today is dwell time.

What is Dwell Time?

Dwell time is the all-important, historically hard-to-quantify ingredient that goes into keeping a center relevant, connected, and successful. More simply, this term describes how much time people spend on your property that isn’t just to “grab-and-go” with their everyday needs. While it’s important to provide amenities and services that people need convenient access to, it’s just as important to give people a reason to stay, gather, and connect.

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How Pop-Up Events Can Supplement Your Retail Strategy

The online retail industry’s fascination with the pop-up continues as we enter a new era of “clicks and mortar” pioneered by big ecommerce players like Amazon, Warby Parker, and Blue Apron. Pop-up events are a powerful retail marketing tactic, and as a strategy, they work for brands of all shapes and sizes.

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