A Curated Collection: Merchandising at Baby Braithwaite

Atlanta's Baby Braithwaite has been in business for 13 years, but in February of last year the locally owned shop relocated to Buckhead’s Paces Ferry Plaza.

The spacious, 3,333 SF boutique offers a curated collection of specialty baby products. The idea came to co-owner Chaffee Braithwaite Heilman years ago. She always wanted to open a store with her mother, and at the time her sister had just had a baby. The mother-daughter duo believed that shopping for a new baby should be as special as picking out a wedding dress. At the time they couldn’t find a store that did it for them — so they took the reins and decided to do it themselves. Baby Braithwaite was born.

Baby Braithwaite Baby Display inside of store Photo by Brittni Toston

The shop's mantra is 'sweet and simple.' If merchandise doesn't hit both of those markers, it's not considered.

The shop’s mantra is "sweet and simple." If merchandise doesn’t hit both of those markers then it’s not considered. Diligently being selective translates into an edited, curated collection of offerings for shoppers.

“We’ve found the best products in each category,” said Heilman. “We sell soft goods — towels, blankets, clothing, toys — but we’re also in the gift business. People come in and register for gifts with us.”

Summer clothing, jewelry and accessories display inside of storePhoto by Caron Streibich

Chaffee’s mother and business partner, Nancy, is passionate about the in-store displays and interior design. The various display areas are updated often and big pushes are from January to spring, plus summer, Halloween and Christmas. Easter and Christmas are also opportunities for more holiday-centric displays. The space itself is airy and bright and not cluttered.

Merchandise changes often and store displays change seasonally. When asked about the busy times of year, Heilman laughs, “We’re busy year round — people have babies year round."

We were thrilled to sign a lease with Baby Braithwaite at Paces Ferry because of its reputation in the Buckhead and Atlanta market.

“We were thrilled to sign a lease with Baby Braithwaite atLeslie Mintz HeadshotPaces Ferry because of its reputation in the Buckhead and Atlanta market,” said Leslie Mintz, Senior Leasing Agent. “Baby Braithwaite was an established specialty baby store retailer, and known as the best place to shop for a special baby or children’s gift. Its logo and buildout are first class, and the owners create an experience for their shoppers by the way they’ve designed and merchandized their store.”

Baby Braithwaite Display of nautical themed clothingPhotos by Caron Streibich

Mintz adds that Baby Braithwaite is a draw for other retailers who want to be near them due to both their volume and the customers they attract. The feeling is mutual with Baby Braitwaite. Chaffee boasts, “We loved the neighbors, and the location is ideal because it’s in the middle of all our clients. And Whole Foods 365 will be a great addition to the center!”

Paces Ferry Plaza facadePaces Ferry Plaza | Photo by Caron Streibich

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